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Volume One is going to be FREE and it will be available
to everyone in multiple formats on this site only:

It was real easy to write the book in a monthly chapter
format - as an experiment - but then I realized the multiple
mistakes I had made in doing so once I decided to novelize it.
It is a "complex" plot with a lot of characers and their
own stories to tell. Although the first book was meant
initially as more of a factual introduction - it has become
one with lots of action as well.

If you read the chapters before - you will immediately notice
lots of changes in the story.

Still editing till at least ....

Winter 2016 - 2017

Thanks for your patience ....


Volume Two: Escape From Purgatory

Volume Three: The Quest For Eden

The TFDOP Story

The Apocalypse has begun! Evil is making their move to kill
the new Messiah and the forces of good have each went on
their own missions that will ultimately bring them together for the
final battle of good and evil!
This is a multi-faceted story that takes place in multiple dimensions;
there are multiple heros and multiple villains; all with their own part of the story.
Serial killer, angels, demons, heros, Satan, zombies, and witches help to make
up the epic cast of characters!

I'm including the full first 2 chapters as a sample from the book:

Chapters 1 and 2 (.pdf)

The finished book will be presented in:
Rock Star Web Version
Rock Star PC Standalone Version
(You already know what the last two are if you have
been involved early on... )





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The book is free - life is not ...
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donations and I finally got something
set up for those who wish to do so.

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